Welcome to United Elite MMA & Fitness in Dekalb

Welcome to United Elite Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness. UEMMA is dedicated to providing members with the best in mixed martial arts instruction and fitness training. Specializing in well-rounded MMA training, Read More ยป
  • Free Trial Session

    Sign up for a Free Trial Women’s Kickboxing Session at United Elite MMA and experience the difference!

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    Free Trial Session
  • Women’s Kickboxing

    Our kickboxing classes begins with a five- to 10-minute warm-up that involves large muscle movements to increase blood flow and heat up the muscles.

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    Women’s Kickboxing
  • Fitness

    This is not you typical choreographed, synchronized, dancercise class. Every single class will consist of strength and conditioning circuits, boxing, kicking, kneeing, and a constant series of exercises that will push you to your limit.

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  • MMA

    Why Mixed Martial arts?
    While many forms of exercise and martial arts can provide self-defense, weight loss, and self defense skill and results, Mixed martial arts provide the most well rounded combination of

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